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Surita Stipp

Counselling Social Worker

Family Therapist

Special Interests

Children and adolescence

Play and creative therapy approaches

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse

Couples and Families

Conflict Resolution

Disordered Eating

The amazing strength and resilience that individuals display when facing unimaginable hardship is something that gives me hope and the energy to keep on doing what I love.
One of the most important factors in a therapeutic relationship is the building of trust. The person in front of me needs to feel ready to engage and able to address issues that is often painful to explore. I often feel privileged to hear so many stories and in a small way contribute to the healing and growth of an individual. All individuals have a unique system of relationships they are imbedded in. These relationships play a key role in healing and family of origin work is sometimes utilised if the client feels ready to explore. I want my clients to feel a sense of hope when they leave after a session. It could also be a new perspective to a stuck pattern that might change things slightly but could potentially have a spiral effect in their life. I want to create a therapeutic environment where the client feels able to unpack thoughts, memories and emotions in a space that is safe and free of judgement. There are options to all situation and in that knowledge, I want clients to have hope for themselves and their close relationships.
  • ASSW registered
  • Medicare Registered for Perinatal mental health counselling sessions
  • NDIS (Plan or self-managed)
  • DVA/Open arms

Surita is a qualified senior social worker, counsellor, and family therapist, working in mental health for most of her career. Surita has over 18 years of experience working across three continents- Africa, Europe and Australia. Surita completed her social work qualification and is registered with the ASSW board. She has also completed studies in psychology overseas, and in 2012 completed her Masters in Couple and Family Therapy through the University of New South Wales. Surita is an accredited family despite resolution practitioner.

Its clear that her passion for lifelong learning and for helping others are closely intertwined. Surita continues to study psychology in Australia as she converts her degree from South Africa.

Over Surita’s career she has worked with street children, children in care, in the hospital setting with HIV positive children and children diagnosed with diabetes. She also worked in the Adolescent Medicine Unit at Westmead Children’s Hospital -Sydney, with the eating disorder team. Here she was trained in the specialist Maudsley Family Therapy Model. Surita has worked with women escaping family and domestic violence, specifically from a culturally and linguistically diverse background. She feels passionate to advocate for vulnerable clients. In all her work with clients she uses a systemic perspective and draws from evidence-based techniques like CBT to tailor a unique
treatment plan for each client, couple, or family. In her work with children and adolescents, she uses play therapy techniques and art therapy, often including parents in some form- depending on the presentation. Most recently she has worked as a family dispute resolution practitioner facilitating conflict resolution. She gained experience of working with separating families and the impact on parents and children during this transition period.

Surita’s passion for this profession comes from the individuals she has worked with and the unique life stories which she feels have privilege to have heard.

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