Counselling, Psychology andPsychotherapy

Counselling, Psychology and Psychotherapy – What are they?

These terms refer to a range of psychological interventions and treatments offered by Reach Life. They may be delivered by a range of health professionals with appropriate training who have been approved to practice by a range of regulatory bodies. All the terminology can be confusing. Whilst counselling is more about walking alongside a client with their struggles and helping them find meaning and move through difficulties, psychology and psychotherapy may use specific targeted evidence-based interventions to create change around specific goals that the client brings.

How & who can counselling, psychology and psychotherapy services help?

Counselling, psychology and psychotherapy therapies can include skills building, changing the way you think, behave and respond to situations, or working through issues to resolve them, such as past trauma, or grief in an adaptive way. They may treat various mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar, OCD, and personality disorders (to name a few). Counselling, Psychology and Psychotherapy are also very effective in helping people tackle stress, relationship difficulties, bullying, conflict, big life transitions, emotional difficulties, performance issues, grief and trauma. You don’t need to have a mental health problem to gain benefits from therapy!

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