Employee Wellbeing andAssistance

A healthy employee is a happy employee

We all  need help sometimes dealing with life’s challenges and these can affect our performance and happiness at work. Counselling and therapy can be very useful for employees and family members who are willing to engage.

Reach Life will co-develop a wellbeing program to suit your business that strives to educate all employees to place an importance on their wellbeingand build resilience and good habits.

Programs can include: ( example)

– Counselling appointments guaranteed within 5 business days

– Crisis support for traumatic incidents on site available

– Tailored training provided on site for mental health resilience, self care, mindfulness

– Manager support services – Assist and or coach Manager to deal with employee issues

– Developing constructive teams and culture building workshops

– 360 degree surveys and one-on-one employee coaching

Employee Wellbeing and Assistance

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