Employee Development andCoaching

360 Degree Feedback and Coaching Human Synergistics tool.

Why a 360 review?

Invest in your leaders, managers, employees to understand the value of constructive thinking and behaviour become more effective.

– Managing under performance

– Providing self awareness for those negatively impacting others/workplace

– Developing individuals for promotion

– Developing talent

– Providing greater personal and job satisfaction

– Providing vital feedback to leaders

– Developing improved effectiveness in roles

– To cope better with stress, pressure & change

– To apply more creative and flexible thinking

– Improve interpersonal relationships

– Improve team cohesiveness and performance.

How does the review work?

– Participant answers a detailed questionnaire

– Leaders, peers, team answer detailed questionnaire (7-10 people)

– Details reports are produced

– Debrief is provided by an experienced practitioner/coach and awareness is created

– Action plan created with practitioner/coach support

– Check in (support) on action plans with practitioner/coach

Get in touch with our accredited practitioner Jan Ferraz. Jan is a warm and action orientated experienced leadership consultant/coach with over 15 years experience coaching in the workplace within both small and large organisations.

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