Obsessive CompulsiveDisorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is characterised by persistent and intrusive thoughts, urges, or fears, accompanied by compulsive behaviors. OCD involves repetitive rituals or mental acts performed to alleviate distress or prevent feared outcomes. Therapies such as Response Prevention, Graded Exposure (both forms of CBT) and ACT, are beneficial in treating OCD. Medication is often a key component, as are active coping strategies such as relaxation techniques.

Our team of mental health professionals strongly advocate for a multidisciplinary approach to OCD treatment. If you haven’t already connected with a knowledgeable mental health-aware GP or psychiatrist, we highly recommend doing so. At our practice, you can see our GP, Dr. Sabrina Pozzi-Langhi, with one of our CBT or ACT therapists. Together, we work towards your holistic well-being and recovery journey.

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