Behavioural difficulties in children can encompass a range of disruptive or maladaptive behaviours that interfere with day-to-day activities and relationships. These behaviours may include aggression, defiance, impulsivity, or difficulty following rules. Underlying factors such as trauma, developmental disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders or environmental stressors may contribute to behavioural challenges. Therapy, positive behaviour management strategies, and family support can help individuals and families address these challenges and build more positive behaviours.

At Reach Life, we adopt a comprehensive, family-centered approach to helping you and your family navigate behavioral difficulties. We carefully look at both school and home environments, employing a non-punitive approach, aimed at identifying strengths and fostering balance within the family dynamic. We recognise that behavioural difficulties often indicate an unmet need in a child. For example, perhaps they are not getting the sensory input or stimulation that they require to regulate in the classroom.

Reach Life trained Psychologists, Social Workers and Occupational Therapists take a curious, non judgemental approach that is individualised as well as drawing on the experience and knowledge we have gained from working with other families. Some of our therapists such as Lea Sander and Jessica Swominathan work more directly with behavioural difficulties in children. Surita Stipp supports families and parents, whilst some of our team such as Rachel D’Arcy, Shane and Emily, shine in behavioural problems in adolescents.

Reach out to us for detailed advice on behavioural therapy and to match you to the best behavioural clinician.

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