Comprehensive Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder, involve disturbances in eating behaviors and body image. These disorders can have serious physical and psychological consequences and often co-occur with other mental health conditions like depression or anxiety. Treatment typically involves a multidisciplinary approach including therapy, nutritional counselling, and medical monitoring. This holistic approach aims to address both the physical and psychological aspects of eating disorders.   

At Reach Life, we implement a multidisciplinary care model to address eating disorders. Our team of eating disorder clinicians includes general practitioners (GPs), psychiatrists, and eating disorder therapists who work closely together to provide comprehensive treatment. Collaborating with you, our qualified eating disorder clinicians deliver personalised treatment through our Eating Disorder Treatment Plans (EDP). These plans are developed and reviewed by our GPs and Psychiatrists. By utilising an EDP, you become eligible for up to 40 therapy sessions each calendar year. 

Looking for a qualified eating disorder psychologist in Perth? See the profiles of Tania, Dr Sabrina and Tahnee for more information about who your treatment team may include. 

Eating Disorder Concept

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