Personality disorders are enduring patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that deviate from cultural expectations and cause distress or impairment. Examples of personality disorders include borderline personality disorder (BPD), avoidant personality disorders and dependant personality disorders. These disorders often involve difficulties in emotion regulation, impulse control, and interpersonal relationships. Personality disorder therapy, including dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), schema therapy and other specialised approaches, can help individuals manage personality disorder symptoms and improve functioning.

At Reach Life, we provide 1:1 therapy through our expert team of psychologists or psychotherapists, and group programs with DBT skills components. We have a long history of supporting people with personality disorders and complex trauma to live past their suffering and start to thrive. Whilst it may be an area that some services find challenging or are not as well trained in, it is an area that we are passionate about supporting, advocating for and helping.

Explore our rich profile of psychologists, OT’s and counsellors who can offer personal disorder therapy, including, Tahnee Witt, Naomi Weir, Tania Bartnett, Catherine Yates, Sherridan Tanner, Rachel D’Arcy, Surita Stipp, Emily Richards and Rachel Batten.

Our personality disorder therapists in Joondalup and Osborne Park, Perth, are ready to collaborate with you on treatment for a range of personality disorders.

Personality disorder therapy Perth

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